VIDEO: See Why Villarreal Fans Think Cristiano Ronaldo’s Last-Minute Goal Should Be DISALLOWED Because Of Jesse Lingard

Some viewers of United’s dramatic Wednesday night victory over Villareal are convinced that Cristiano Ronaldo’s late winning goal should have been ruled out for offside.

The accusation stems from the involvement of Jesse Lingard, whose subtle layoff teed up the 36-year-old’s crucial strike. However, on second viewing, it could be argued that the Englishman was blocking the view of the Villareal goalkeeper, Gerónimo Rulli, from an offside position.

Doing so would naturally be a violation of the rules, and hence, open to review from VAR. In the heat of the moment, and amid the wild celebrations from the home side, none of the officials on the pitch appeared to be in dialogue with those back at VAR HQ.

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Even the Villareal players, broken by two United goals against the run of play, could barely muster enough effort to appeal against the goal. Take a look at the incident for yourself below – and in particular, the positioning of Lingard.

Replays do appear to back up this theory, as right after Lingard lays the ball off for Ronaldo, he is taken out by a Yellow Submarine defender. H

ad the goal been disallowed by VAR, United would have had every right to appeal against the challenge on the 28-year-old.