Ole Gunnar Solskjaer apologised for smiling after Manchester United shameful loss to Watford

After heartbreaking Premier League defeats at home to Liverpool and Manchester City, many fans were astonished that the Norwegian made it through the international break.

After the defeat to Watford, during an interview, Manchester United manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer was caught smiling, for which he later apologized. Naturally, it’s hard to know exactly what was going through Solskjaer’s head when he addressed the world press, but his despondent tone and demeanour didn’t require a body language expert to discern.

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In fact, in a particularly heartbreaking interview with Sky Sports, Solskjaer even apologised for smiling when asked by Geoff Shreeves: “Why weren’t the players in the right frame of mind?”

“Sorry for smiling there, but that’s human beings,” Solskjaer said. “You’re surprised [by the start], all these good lads, top players, top professionals, when it’s not going for you it’s going against you and it’s hard to play with that mental break.”