VIDEO: Unseen Footage of Cristiano Ronaldo Reactions to Bruno Fernandes Missed Penalty Against Aston Villa

Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo was one of the first players to offer up their condolences to a distraught Bruno Fernandes, who had just missed a penalty to rescue a point against Aston Villa.

There had been fierce debate among the football world as to who would be on spot-kick duties for United, and although that question was answered on Saturday afternoon, it remains to be seen what impact the miss will have going forward.

Cristiano Ronaldo walked solemnly past Bruno Fernandes and offered a consoling pat on the shoulder, but you can only imagine what was actually going through his mind.

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Manchester United had just wasted a chance to turn a disastrous result against Aston Villa into just a disappointing one.

After Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s complaints about the stonewall penalties United have been refused they got one they deserved in injury time, but when Fernandes grabbed the ball ahead of Ronaldo’s eyebrows were raised.

Those eyebrows were in danger on the Stretford End when the penalty was taken. Fernandes’ effort was a long way over the crossbar and his hold on penalty-taking duties at United is surely being relinquished with that.