Video: 36-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo beautiful bicycle kick shot against Luxembourg | FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

Cristiano Ronaldo bicycle kick against Luxembourg

Portugal thrashed Luxembourg 5-0 in the FIFA World Cup qualifiers. 36-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo scored three brilliant goals.

He could have scored another goal in this match, which probably would have been one of the best goals of his international career, but it did not happen.

Ronaldo scored on penalties in the 8th and 13th minutes. At the same time, in the 87th minute, the goal was scored from a header. He had a chance to score four goals in the same match in the 68th minute in the second half. Actually, then Bruno Fernandez gave a brilliant cross (pass) to Ronaldo from the right flank.

Five-time Ballon d’Or winner Ronaldo also displayed acrobatic acrobatics in the air by first stopping the ball, then tossing it into the air with a bicycle kick. It is also called overhead kick. The kick was perfect and the ball was moving towards the goal.

Then Luxembourg goalkeeper Anthony Morris jumped in the air and diverted the ball with his hand. Ronaldo’s fans looked very disappointed due to the lack of this goal. Watch the video below..