Report: WWE superstar says Manchester United world-class star is ‘absolutely not’ one of the best ever

Sheamus on Ronaldo

Many people consider Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo to be the two finest football players of all time, but WWE Superstar Sheamus disagrees.

Sheamus is a proud Liverpool fan, and given Liverpool’s rivalry with Man United, we could be seeing a little bit of bias shining through in the Irishman’s take on Ronaldo here.

Sheamus spoke to BT Sport on Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester United this summer, as well as his thoughts on the forward’s stature in the world of football.

Sheamus stated that, while Ronaldo is undoubtedly a world-class player, he is “certainly not” one of the greatest players in history.

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“Is Ronaldo one of the greatest players ever? Absolutely not, he’s not. But he’s definitely a world-class player and one of the best that’s been in the last decade.”

Sheamus didn’t stop there though, accusing the Portuguese international of being all about the camera:

“But even if he scores a penalty he’s all about the camera mate, you know what I mean? Shirt off, ‘Where’s the camera?’ Even if he scores a penalty. I’m not knocking the guy or hating on him, but he knows exactly what he is doing.”

Talking about whether or not Ronaldo could transition into wrestling, Sheamus said that he’s “too soft” and “wouldn’t last five seconds in the ring”.

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“He wouldn’t last five seconds in the ring. He’s too soft, he’s too soft bro. Those players that go down when the wind blows or a blade of grass hits their shin, they wouldn’t last two minutes. I mean he’s got the showmanship but nothing else. He’s got no physicality, that’s what I mean.”