The Merseyside Fans Rinse Manchester United for ‘over-the-top’ Bruno Fernandes treatment

To anyone living under a rock, Bruno Fernandes missed an important penalty-kick for Manchester United recently and they’ve been going a little over-the-top about it.

Taking to social media shortly after he kicked a ball and it didn’t go in the goal, the Portugal international apologised – in great length – to fans of the Red Devils.

This message was received well by Man United players and some supporters, leading to the club sharing a message of support for Fernandes, but the period of grace didn’t last too long.

Rightfully so, rival fans began to extract the urine – and the best we’ve seen, of course, comes from Liverpool fans Ross Chandley (The Redmen TV) and Yoni Weisberg on Twitter…

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#TogetherAlways 👊#LFC | #MondayMotivation

— The Redmen TV (@TheRedmenTV) September 27, 2021

This fanbase is unrivalled. #TogetherAlways

— Yoni Weisberg (@yoniweisberg) September 27, 2021

United, always 👊#MUFC | #MondayMotivation

— Manchester United (@ManUtd) September 27, 2021